Combine Motorcycle Module One and Two in Middleton, Greater Manchester

The direct access scheme is a block course, aimed at helping you to achieve your motorcycle licence efficiently. The motorcycle module two test is included, alongside module one. The courses run from Friday until the following Wednesday, with Tuesday and Wednesday typically being half days. Visit Bowlee Motorcycle Training today, in Middleton, Greater Manchester.

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The Course

During the course you ride a Suzuki SVF 650cc, the perfect mid-range machine. You’re walked through every step of the module one and two course, with everything laid our professionally. Our pass rates for these tests are incredibly high.

Three or Four Day Course

This course would suit someone who has more experience, those who’ve had training elsewhere, or those coming back from a break. It includes:

  • One Full Day of Module One Training, Followed By the Test
  • One Full Day of Module Two Training, Followed By the Test

Training is normally held over a weekend, and the test days are usually through the week.

Cost - £550 (Including Test Fees)

Taster Session

We offer taster sessions on 650cc machines and one-to-one training. This suits riders who have experience of riding 125cc machines, and would like to see how a larger model handles. It’s also great for those looking to complete their full licence. Once you’re qualified, you’ll be able to join our motorcycle tours.
Cost - £30 per Hour

Bike Hire

We’re able to hire out a 125cc Yamaha YR. If you’re looking to complete the direct access course or A2 licence, you’re able to hire this bike and gain confidence.

CONTACT us, in Middleton, Greater Manchester, to learn more about how a motorcycle module two is able to lead to a motorcycle licence.